Here is a short note about Saab ownership. Having owned Saabs for a few years now, some people that know me think that I would only own Saab. This is of course not true; I would like a Carrera 3 and would have no problem owning it along with a Saab as well. But this will have to wait for the lottery and the Saabs will rule the roost.


It all started back in about 1980 when I was an impressionable 15 year old playing for the local cricket club. The then captain owned a 900 Turbo, which I thought, was pretty cool and with enough journeys to matches and back I was subconsciously hooked. This lay in dormant as I went through my teens passed my test and bought my first car, a Viva HC owned for three & half years. Then the second car a Manta SR Berlinetta that managed to last one year then had a big argument with a brick wall.


So at the age of 23 I went in to Saab ownership for four good years (80k miles) with a 1980 900 GLE. It carried on from there to 10 years (190k miles) with the 1986 9000i, and 1 year (6k miles) with the 1993 9000 CSE 2.0i.


This brings us up to the present Saabs, the 1997 CSE 2.3T Anniversary that Rachel drives and my 1998 9 5 SE 2.3t.

Current Garage

9 5 SE 2.3t

CSE 2.3T Anniversary



Past Garage

9000 CSE 2.0i


900 GLE





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