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RF900 R

Added to the collection and will be the main road bike of 2005.



Kawasaki ZXR400 L1

†††††††††††††††† Rachelís little kitten with the big roar.

†††††††††††††††† I try to steal goes on it when ever possible.




Kawasaki ZX6R G2

My ZX6 has served me well and been used for everything.

The perfect all round bike.


ZX6R Technical Info:

PB Suspension Setups:

ZX6R G2 pt1†† ZX6R G2 pt2†† ZX6R G2 pt3†† ZX6R G2 pt4

ZX6R J1 set-up


Right click the following links and Ďsave así

ZX6R G Wiring Diagram pt1

ZX6R G Wiring Diagram pt2



2005 update:

The ZX has undergone a conversion to track bike for the year.



Fitting a J model Fully adjustable Rear Shock





Past Garage




Suzuki RF 900 RT

A really good bike that met a sad end.

I am considering getting another one as a second bike for touring.

Suzuki GSX600F

The teapot. Served me well and even appeared on the front cover of RiDE magazine.

Kawasaki GPZ500S

Kawasaki Z400s

Bikes from our distance past.





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